How to improve internet speed?

Try not to introduce modules, keep minimus browswer windows open at a given time, check your PC for malwares and infections on week after week premise. Clear program store day by day.

What is download speed?

Download speed is the rate at which you download a record from web

What is upload speed?

Transfer speed is the rate at which one can transfer a record/pic/video on whole number.

What is throughput?

Throughput is the measure of information that can be moved over your Internet association at one point in time.

What are kbps?

kbps or Kilo Bits Per Second is the rate at which 1000 bits of information traversed your web association. A piece is the littlest unit of computerized data. 8 bits make up 1 byte.

Why do I get different results when I run the test?

The test shows the present throughput you can jump on your Internet association. Factors, for example, arrange blockage and different downloads in progress can influence the accessible throughput.

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