What is Internet? and how it works?

DEFINATION: “Internet is a network of networks which spreads all across the globe”


Conceptual Diagram of  Internet –  When many computer networks of the world were connected together, with the objective of communicating with each other,internet was formed.Internet is basically a large computer network which extends all across the globe.In internet,millions of computer remain connected together through well laid communication system.


Working of Internet – Internet works through the telephone systems.Thus, like telephone connection,any computer of any city can establish a connection with any other computer and exchange  data or messages with it.It is essential that very educated person  becomes familiar with computer.The ability to use computer is basic and necessary to a persons formal education as reading,writing and arithmetic. The internet is connection of millions computer all over the world.So, people exchange information and knowledge at international level.In this way people achieve the knowledge from other country without traveling. There are millions libraries on internet which facilitate the user. In this way internet is useful source for knowledge.

Initial size of internet – Initially internet was developed for military purpose only.Then its size was very small.It consisted of only hundreds of computers.

Growing size of internet – When, people became aware of the utility and advantages of internet,then within short span of time,numerous computers and networks got themselves connected to the internet.

Today size of internet – Today internet comprises of several 1 million computers.There is hardly any country of the world  and important city of the country where internet is not available.

For your information – Internet is a global web of more than several millions nets in which more than 50 million computers are operating and several millions people participate through the world.Contact can be made at anytime during the day or night on internet.             

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